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Live at Pickathon: Ty Segall / King Tuff 12" LP


Culled from four incredible performances over the first weekend of August 2013. Wild, late nights with King Tuff and a very special debut of the Ty Segall Sleeper Band (recorded three weeks before the release of Sleeper). Black standard weight vinyl, limited one-time pressing (one of only 50 copies that remain available)

The second release from the 'Live at Pickathon' series. A ‘vinyl-only / limited-pressing’ endeavor, which focuses on the festivals historically diverse lineups and intimate one-of-a-kind performances. Each release hand selected from the massive archive of more than 15 years of recordings; remixed, mastered and wrapped in original artwork featuring illustrations by Travis Bone of Furturtle.

Side A Ty Segall Sleeper Band Live At Pickathon 2013 01 Sleeper 02 The Keepers 03 Crazy 04 The Man Man 05 Queen Lullaby 06 Girlfriend

Side B King Tuff Live At Pickathon 2013 01 Anthem > Keep On Movin' 02 Dancing On You 03 Stranger 04 She's On Fire